Adventure Wisdom is dedicated to providing exceptional training, seminars, keynote speaking and educational materials. We work with some of the most talented professionals in their fields to bring you the very best learning experience possible. Below is a list of our current instructors, coaches and adventure experts.


Brian's Blog


Brian Germain made his first skydive in 1986 at the age of eighteen and quickly attained all the available ratings. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Psychology and over 1000 skydives. Today with over 14000 jumps and 25 years of instructional experience, Brian travels the world teaching basic, advanced and instructor level canopy courses, provides Life Coaching, keynote speaking and workshops for corporate and organizational events. He has authored numerous critically acclaimed books, designs parachutes and is a featured instructor and keynote speaker at Adventure Wisdom LLC.

"Known to absolutely everybody in the skydiving community around the planet, Brian was the inventor of the Airlock & Jedei parachute-canopy technologies, the re-knowned author of 'The Greatest Book on Modern Parachute-Canopy Piloting' ever written called 'The Parachute & It's Pilot' and the life-changing bestselling motivational book, 'Transcending Fear'.

Brian is also the producer of a staggering amount of skydiving and canopy flight educational-videos that are focused on improving skydivers understanding, safety and skills in our sport ... for which I would be confident in saying that every skydiver on the planet would have watched and learned from at some point in their skydiving career.

A very kind, supportive and inspirational legend of skydiving."

- Jason A. Ford


Laura's  Blog


Laura Kraus has been skydiving since 1998 and has competed on a national level, holds numerous state and world records and is an exceptional wind tunnel and free flyer. She is an accomplished scuba diver with full cave, nitrox, trimix, wreck, spear fishing, sump and other advanced experience and training. She has done original exploration of cave sumps in the North Eastern area and worked as a stand by and on call rescue diver with a group called NEST. As a licensed pilot for single engine land she is a knowledgeable pilot. With years of experience white water kayaking she has taught roll training and other advanced maneuvers. With a zest for life and adventure Laura has taken many other adventure sports head on, including inline skating and hockey, underwater hockey, golf, raising a family, rock climbing, hiking, candy making and many other thrilling and adventurous activities.



Joshua is a bright and curious child that loves to explore and experiment. He is known to dip odd foods into orange juice just to create new flavors. A very friendly and social demeanor with an ability to adapt to change serves him well in all situations.



Matthew has intelligent eyes and loves to watch his older brother. He has a strong personality with a great interest in the world around him. He is very sociable and loves to be held by everyone.