Here at Adventure Wisdom LLC we love adventure sports and the people me meet along the way. Our desire is to share our passion with you by offering various paths for personal and experiential growth. We know that everyone learns in different ways and are willing to push themselves to different levels. No matter who you are there is always more to learn and ways to become safer. Our goal is to provide products and services that help promote safety through knowledge and experience. It is best said:

"There are things you know you know. There are things you know you don't know and there are things you don't know you don't know."

Brian Germain - World Renounded Skydiving Instructor


To help you along your learning path we offer books, videos, live and f2f training, keynote speaking, seminars, emersion adventures, free safety articles and numerous other educational and inspirational products.

For a custom keynote, seminar or course please contact us and we can work with you to design an event that will meet your needs. For books, videos and other fantastic products please visit our online store. We look forward to seeing you in the sky, on the river or where ever your adventures take you.