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"I just wanted you to know that I ordered your safety video set and WOW! Great information. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Your tips have really helped me dial in my canopy control skills. Thanks!" -Nicholas Cataldi

This video course was created by Brian Germain, parachute designer, test pilot, AFF Instructor, USPA Safety and Training Advisor and 20 year veteran canopy flight course director. These videos will make learning to skydive far easier for you, so you can avoid injury and embarrassing failure. When skill matters, knowledge is the answer.

Over 24 hours of priceless information, and now available in an All-in-One streaming page, as well as individual download links so you can have the videos can be saved on your local device, forever! Flashdrive Format is also available for customers with limited or slow internet access. Click Here

A truly great investment in your skydiving career.

Package Includes:

  • New All-in-One Streaming Video Page
  • First Skydive What to Know Before You Go
  • The Art and Science of Bravery
  • Parachute Flight Safety Video Canopy Course (7 Part Series)
  • Solving Common Landing Problems
  • Navigation and Accuracy Secrets
  • Taking on Turbulence
  • Surviving Swooping
  • No Sweat Parachute Packing Made Easy
  • Principles of Parachute Packing
  • Skydiving Gear Maintenance
  • Main Parachute Inspection and Re-trimming
  • Helping Student Deal with Fear
  • Vertical Journey Freeflying Instructional Video
  • and Much More!!

(*Not Included: Aircraft Procedures and Spotting, Malfunctions and their Solutions, our latest works)

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Advanced Topics:

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*All Download/Streaming Videos Included (DVDs not available through this promotion)

*Flashdrive Format is available for customers with limited or slow internet access. Click Here

I wanted to send a great big "thank you!" for this wonderful video series.
I currently have 128 jumps and had been struggling immensely with landing
accuracy and technique. The location of every landing was arbitrary and
without precision, not to mention that I was routinely sliding them in. I
watched your course a couple of weeks ago and, that next weekend, I was
landing on or very near to the spot EVERY single time. I visited a
different DZ the following weekend, one that has a tight landing area and
on a day with high winds that were messing everybody up. I landed right on
the red "X" or right next to it with each jump. I cannot tell you how big
my smile is and how great my confidence to jump at any DZ (or even to land
out). Something that was a huge stumbling block to me only a few weeks
ago. I am also now going for my feet on every landing, whether I stand it
up, run it out, or PLF tumble it in, I don't lift my legs and slide
anymore. Everybody at my DZ has noticed the difference (and quite a few
have gone on to purchase the course as well). I have been singing its
praises. Thank you so much for providing a resource that has completely
changed my landing confidence, canopy skills, and ability to be a safe
skydiver. What a difference

Review of Parachute Flight Safety Video Series by:
Joe Stubbs, Commercial Pilot, Flight Instructor, Aerobatic Flight Instructor, Canopy Flight Course Director, Sensei 71 Pilot:

"This is a truly great value. Very accurate information, well organized, and has made a great difference in my flying. If you cannot get to one of Brian Germain's canopy courses in person, or you have already attended and you want to refresh your knowledge as I do periodically: this is the solution. I've evaluated and attended several different canopy course options, the bad news is the other options are not in the same league and in some cases much more expensive, the good news is you can get the best from the comfort of your house right now! Way to go Brian Germain, keep up the good work!"

I have watched the canopy course video once a month for the last year and always learn something. I would recommend this video to anyone…….Amazing material. Thank you Sir
-Brandon Mason

"Awesome videos! I got the ultimate package and it’s helped me out over and over again in my short skydiving career, I’ve gone back to the videos to freshen up on certain things I needed to work on and helped me get to know my gear when I bought my first rig!
-Justin Allman